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About Star Craft

Star Craft is all about fun. The idea for this company started back in 1989 in a backyard when Steve Pence built a wood playset for his own kids. He and his wife found it deeply gratifying to watch neighborhood kids swarming over the playset all day long laughing and inventing games. 

Next, Steve Pence began organizing volunteer projects for local school districts that lacked funding for playground equipment. Over time other governmental entities recognized the unique quality and affordability of these outdoor playsets. And so began a family business called Star Craft Inc., a family business in which Dad, Mom and kids are so fortunate to do what we love.

With Star Craft, service is key. Whether it’s a residential or commercial log climbing structure you’re purchasing, you will be getting a product that reflects pride of craftsmanship and the kind of attention to the customer that just doesn’t come with a playground made on an assembly line.